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Coconut Peat

Coconut peat is a 100% natural organic soil improvement material made from coconut shell. Its characteristics are soil improvement effect peculiar to organic matter, cost reduction can be achieved, pH adjustment is unnecessary, environment friendly.

Characteristics Descriptions
Soil improving effect peculiar to organic matter The water retention capacity is as high as 8 to 9 times the dry weight, and it is also excellent in breathability and water permeability. Therefore, the aggregate structure develops, the balance of solid phase, liquid phase, gas phase is improved.
Cost reduction can be achieved Peat moss update in about a year, whereas coconut peat has durability for 3 to 4 years, so you do not need to renew every year, so you can reduce costs.
No need to adjust pH The pH of peat moss is 3.5 to 5.5 and it is necessary to correct it, but coconut peat is 5.5 to 5.8 and it is not necessary to correct pH.
Environmentally friendly Since it is 100% natural organic material made from coconut shells, there is no worry of polluting the environment.

Liquid organic fertilizer of bonito extract

Liquid organic fertilizer of bonito extract

Many organic liquid fertilizers are currently on sale, but our company has focused on bonito extract because it contains a lot of amino acids which are recognized to promote the growth and maturation of crops. We decomposed broth of bonito with proteolytic enzymes, enhanced amino acids, extracted liquid fertilizer, and developed organic fertilizer of bonito extract as an organic raw material.

Distilled pyroligneous acid

Distilled pyroligneous acid

Pyroligneous acid is a water soluble ingredient that is formed when pyrolyzing wood. It decomposes when wood is heated. This is called pyrolysis, but it is also called carbonization. At this time, when heated in air, it will burn to ash, but when heated in a sealed container or in a place with little air, smoke will come out and charcoal will remain. When this smoke is cooled, the gas turns into a liquid. If you leave this liquid in a container and leave it gently, the liquid is divided into three layers. In the upper layer, essential oils and black oily components float, yellowish brown aqueous solution in the middle layer, and tarry-like components in the lower layer are precipitated. The liquid in the middle layer is pyroligneous acid.
Distillation has the effect of proliferation of useful microorganisms and promotion of fertilizer effect. By distilling this pyroligneous acid , we aimed to stabilize the quality in a state that is more easily absorbed by crops and soil.
Role of Distilled pyroligneous acid in Cultivation of Agricultural Products in the 21st CenturyCurrently, concern for organic cultivation is rising as consumer needs in agricultural product cultivation are environmentally friendly, healthy, and reliable quality is required. We celebrated the era of reducing pesticide as much as possible and making safe crops. With distilled pyroligneous acid as a role, it improves the environment of the soil, enhances the vitality of the crop, promotes the effectiveness of fertilizer, is environmentally friendly, is a human friendly

Use effects The pyroligneous acid contains various ingredients, and its kind is said to be about 150 to 200 kinds. Therefore, various effects can be expected depending on usage. Here, we will introduce representative ones among them.
Plant growth promotion effects Pyroligneous acid contains many ingredients, which make them work variously. The plant growth promotion effect is an example of the main function of pyroligneous acid diluted pyroligneous acid promotes plant germination and growth. (Application example: 200 to 500 times diluted soil sprayed)
Activity effect of microorganisms Pyroligneous acid suppresses the growth of microorganisms when sprayed on soil at high concentration, but conversely at low concentrations it promotes the breeding of certain microorganisms. In particular, it is known that the carbonyl component in pyroligneous acid has a function to increase the productivity and enzymatic activity of cellulolytic enzymes, and it can be expected to promote compost ripening. (Example of use: composting, garbage disposal diluted to 300 to 500 times and sprayed)
As a deodorants pyroligneous acid has performance to control odors caused by animals such as animal smell, dirty odor, livestock barns and poultry houses. The organic acid contained in the pyroligneous acid eliminates the ammonia odor by neutralization, and the smoke odor component of the pyroligneous acid has a masking effect on the stench. Also, by mixing pyroligneous acid into animal feed / feed, fecal odors are reduced and there are effects such as promotion of health of livestock, improvement of fertilization rate of egg, improvement of ovoid index.)


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