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Message from the President

 Recently, the environment surrounding the global

fertilizer industly has become increasingly severe.Today,

Japan must contend with a growing number of factors

that threaten agriculture, including shrinking agricultural

land area, low-priced agricultural imports, and destruction

of the natural environment.

 To adjust to this era of rapid change, Daito Fertilizer

Co., Ltd. is working ceaselessly to drive the research and

development of agricultural products in keeping with the

three principles that form our motto: "reducing costs,

providing labor-saving fertilizers, and protecting the

 Since our company was established in 1921, we have

excelled at the production of a variety of compound

fertilizers, including organic fertilizers. Today, however,

we also offer a wide variety of items including compound

pellet fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, fermented fertilizers, and

soil improvement products.

 At Daito Fertilizer Co., Ltd., we will continue to look

toward future generations with the goal of developing

new materials that meet the needs of today's markets.

 We look forward to your continued support and

patronage as we continue to take up the challenges of

the future.


President & CEO Motonobu Nakamura

Daito Fertilizer

Corporate Data

Company name Daito Fertilizer Co., Ltd.

1159-3 Kagami, Kagamimachi, Yatsushiro,

Kumamoto 869-4203, Japan

Business Fertilizer manufacturing
Date Established August 1921
Date of Incorporation August 25, 1953
Capital ¥50 million
Staff 3 Directors, 1 Auditor
Employees 40

Company Address

The Headquarters 1159-3 Kagami, Kagamimachi, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto, Japan
Miyazaki Molding Plant 1105-1 Oaza Kamamuta, Takaharucho, Nishimorokata-gun, Miyazaki, Japan
Miyazaki Soil Plant 2428 Oaza Ushirokawachi, Takaharucho, Nishimorokata-gun, Miyazaki, Japan


August 1921 The Nakamura organic fertilizer store opens in Utsubo Nishi-ku, Osaka.
August 1946 Osaka plant opens following the establishment of the fertilizer marketing and manufacturing union of Osaka.
August 1953 The company is reorganized as Daito Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
April 1962

The Kagami Plant opens Kumamoto and is recognaized by the Kumamoto Economic Association.

August 1962 Fukuoka sales office opens.
August 1968 Compound pellet factory opens at the Kagami Plant.
August 1975 The head office is moved from Osaka to the Kumamoto Kagami Plant.
September 1984 Our corporate offices and a large compound fertilizer factory are established. A new type of compound fertilizer factory is introduced and begins operation.
September 1993 Compound pellet plant undergoes first expansion.
March 1994 Liquid fertilizer plant opens and begins production and sales.
January 1995 Organic research laboratory opens and begins conducting research on soil, microorganisms, and all types of fertilizers
January 1995 Compound pellet plant undergoes second expansion.
February 1997 High-speed fermented fertilizer plant begins operation.Large liquid fertilizer factory plant opens and begins operation.
September 2000 Miyazaki soil plant and Miyazaki molding plant opens.
March 2015 Start photovoltaic generation